Book 3 Chapter 10 – Frank meets Brad

GrandCentral Baltimore minHippo Baltimore minFtMeade Laurel exit parkway minKingsInnLaurel minBrad'sapartment minFrank'sTownhouse minAt the end of the story, Frank moves to Maryland and visits Baltimore on Labor Day. While at the Grand Central, a gay entertainment complex in the center of Baltimore, Frank meets Brad who is there too

After lunch, Brad takes Frank on a tour of the gay district including the Hippo, Baltimore’s oldest and best known gay bar.

Afterwards, Brad invites Frank to go to Brad’s apartment, taking the Fort Meade exit exit, and meeting at the Knight’s Inn fo which Frank realizes is close to his house.

Frank follows Brad to to Brad’s apartment which has a balcony.

Frank lives in a townhouse only a short distance further away.

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