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Three Kisses: When Terrorism Hits Close To Home

What happens when a member of Al Qaeda secretly enters our midst?
In Heath Daniels new book, Three Kisses, readers are taken on a wild pursuit of a traitor, across borders and through some of the government's top secret operations.

From the first chapters, a dozen or so characters are presented in colorful ways in situations and events that are so complex and so appealing I bet I was not the only reader who wondered if the writer would be able to keep up so much suspense and so many different stories tangled together for the remaining of the book more...

About The Author

3323769394_7b104bc4e5Heath Daniels is a semi-retired consultant on various internationalĀ topics in some form or another. He was born and grew up in the U.S. where he worked for many years, moving often to different locations within the country. He now lives wherever his clothes are hung in a closet, but mostly outside the U.S. His work allows him to travel extensively. In the process he has developed a large network of colleagues and friends who have contributed directly and indirectly to the knowledge he has brought into this book. When he is not busy thinking of ways to spoil his grandchildren, he writes, reads, and travels. Throughout his life, he has been a keen observer of current events with special interests in culture and language, history, and spirituality, and reads extensively on the subject. He has written and published extensively on professional topics. This is his first novel.

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